Guideline for referees

General information

Contributions submitted to Advances in Molecular Biology are selected for peer review are usually sent to two or more, independent referees. Authors are welcome to suggest suitable referees.

Journal scope

Articles from across the whole of molecular biology can be published in Advances in Molecular Biology, providing they are of high quality and likely to be of interest to a broad readership.

Publishing criteria

The criteria for selection are:

? Scientific excellence

? Originality

? Potential interest to a wide spectrum of molecular biologists

The Editorial board keep time from submission to publication as short as possible. Therefore, we ask referees to report back within 15 days of receiving the manuscript. In certain instances, an extension to this time may be granted by the Editorial Office, but should be agreed in advance. Please send your comments and appropriate form to

If referees are unable to report, it is requested that the Editorial Office is informed as soon as possible so that the assessment process is not delayed. Where referees find they are unable to review the assigned manuscript, the Editor welcomes suggestions of alternative referees competent to review it. These suggestions should be passed to the Editorial Office.

Resubmissions policy:
For some rejected manuscripts, the authors will be invited to submit a revised version. In these cases, one or more of the original referees will be sent the revised manuscript and asked to review it and comment on authors’ replies to their criticisms of the original version. This allows the referees to monitor changes made to the manuscript from the previous version.

Authors have the right to appeal a rejection decision if they regard it as unfair. In this circumstance, referees may be asked by the Editor to comment on issues raised by the authors.

Notification of final decision
When requested by referees we will provide notification of the Editor’s ultimate decision

Manuscript evaluation form for referees