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Review articles

Therapeutical potential of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species in carcinogenesis

ED. Arisan and N. Palavan-Unsal

Human growth hormone

A. Coker and A. Arman

Research articles

Spatial arrangement of the animal male germ cell genome: IV. Radiation-induced locus-specific translocations (2;3) and large-scale organization of Drosophila sperm nucleus

ID. Alexandrov, VA. Stepanenko, MV. Alexandrova, SV. Korablinova and LN. Korovina

In vitro antisense activity of chitosan / AsODN complexes

B. Enneli, SO. Turan, B. Uslu and J. Akbuğa

Heat stress and wounding response in expression and RNAi impact on Arabidopsis thaliana soluble pyrophosphatase isoforms

ZN. Ergen, S. Greiner and T. Rausch

Genetic differentiation of Turkish Althaea L. and Alcea L. species

F. Ozturk, S. Babaoğlu, ME. Uzunhisarcıklı, L. Acık, M. Vural and IS. Gurcan