Volume 2 • Number 2 • 2008

Review article

Apoptosis signalling: A life or death decision

G. Ö. Arican

Research articles

Ras oncogenes polymorphism in Turkish thyroid cancer patients

F. Öztürk, C. Daloglu, L. Açik, M. Kiliç, M. Koç

Wood-bark-cambium relations during willow cloning and the mechanism of rooting in Salix discolor

V. Kefeli, C. Leininger, S. Mastalski, B. Rehn

Characteristics of fabricated soil for landscape rehabilitation: The four crop test for biological activity

V. Kefeli, C. Leininger, S. Mastalski, K. Pincin

Determination of IL-10 levels in chronic pelvic pain syndrome patients

S. Arisan, M. C. Kiremit, T. Çaşkurlu, E. Ergenekon


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